Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fourth Chapter and a Little More

Every day, I am looking forward to writing the next chapter after I write the chapter every day and before I write the chapter every day. Here's today's chapter.

The witch ran away - ran, not flew, because she left her broomstick inside. By the remains of the house, the firefox and the thunderbird were talking about what happened. Could this mean something? 

Since the firefox and the thunderbird were already at the mountains, because the witch took them there, they took off for a higher point after discussing where they should go. About half way up the mountains, the thunderbird and the firefox stopped to rest. 

The firefox said, "I'm getting hungry. Let's eat some of the sandwiches." The thunderbird agreed to this plan and they had three of the six sandwiches - one and a half each.

(By the way, I am making a virtual playground castle for Mama. I think it's going to be excellent.)

Finally, they came to a castle. It seemed like the top of the mountain, but it seemed like there was more to climb at the same time. They knocked on the door and this time, not a kind old lady, but a child, came out. The child said, "Hello, my name's Anna." 

The firefox said, "Hello, I'm a firefox and this is my friend, the thunderbird."

The thunderbird said, "Nice to meet you."

Anna said, "Come on inside. You look hungry."

The firefox said, "Actually we've just has some sandwiches, but we'd like to come in."

Then Anna said, "Then come in." The firefox now saw that it was kind of a castle house. It just looked like a full castle from outside. The thunderbird saw this too, but still, the castle house was brilliant.

When they came inside, they saw the child's mother. She said, "Why hello there. Would you like some tea?"

"Okay," the thunderbird and the firefox said together.

The child's mother said, "Anna, you go and put the kettle on. I'll go and get the table ready."

The thunderbird said, "Tea is one of my favourites. Thank you." 

Then Anna came in again and said to her mother, "The kettle is on now. I'm just going out for a little walk around the mountains. Is that okay?"

"Yes, Anna, dear. As long as you come back when the tea's ready."

That is the end of chapter four, but it is not the end of the blog.

I think Magic World Builder is a good program. 101 Kids' Brainy Games is a good program. 101 Kids' Brainy Games has got chess on it too and I like chess, although it's just too hard for me. Magic World Builder is actually on 101 Kids' Brainy Games

I'm using Magic World Builder right now. If you have it, you can go in the space section and click 'Create'. Then you can experiment with different parts so you can make a really long shooter that shoots lots. Actually, I'm making one right as I speak - right now - and I think making shooters is fun. You can even make flying shooters and space ships with shooters.

In 'Playground' you can also make castles instead of just playgrounds. You can also make your own creations into a puzzle by clicking on 'Load as Puzzle' in the 'Save Load' folder.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Third Chapter

Today, I went to homeschool group. I did a club there; a dragon club. Right now, Tamburlaine is crawling about on Mama's chest going, "Wo-oo-oo-oo, wo-oo-oo-oo." He does that when he's happy. I think Tamburlaine is really nice and furry. Now I am going to do the third chapter of that story.

The thunderbird and the villagers tried to make a way through the corn to find the little cottage, but still, they couldn't find it. Meanwhile, back in the little cottage, which was now far away in the mountains, the witch was heating up the stove. To explain that, the witch had heard what the thunderbird had said and pretended to go to bed. The witch was singing, "Tasty, tasty, tasty fox. As big and strong as an ox. Cook it now and eat it now and you'll be as strong as an ox."

The firefox thought, "The thunderbird hasn't been back for some time. Maybe I should try harder to escape and look for him."

Meanwhile, back to the thunderbird. He was flying westward towards the mountains. He saw a little cottage and flew straight towards it. Out of the window, the firefox saw the thunderbird and called. The witch heard this and immediately locked all the windows and the door. The only problem was that the witch had still left the stove on. Suddenly, a fire appeared from the stove. The ropes quickly caught fire and the firefox ran off.

The witch used her magic to escape the house, but there was another problem for the witch - she had left her broomstick inside.

That is the end of chapter three.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Second Chapter

I think I have a cold and I'm always getting colds around this time. Yes, yes, I know it's spring, but I've still got a cold, strangely. 

I just like doing blogs. Let's get on with that second chapter.

The firefox tried summoning his fire at the witch, but it just wouldn't work. The thunderbird tried summoning his thunder at the witch, but that wouldn't work either. The witch said, "Ah, now that I've disabled your magical powers, I'll have you for dinner." The firefox and the thunderbird tried to escape, but now they noticed that ropes had been tied around them. 

The thunderbird said, "I'll try to escape, with my wings, when the witch has gone to bed and call for help, okay?" 

The firefox said, "There's little help around here, but still, there is a possibility, so yes, that sounds like a good plan."

The thunderbird said, "Okay. I think I heard that the witch has gone to bed. I'll try to escape now." The thunderbird flapped his wings and tried to escape, but could not. Suddenly, with a great burst of power, the thunderbird flew away! The thunderbird flew through the giant corn, calling for help. 

At last, he came to his village. He told all the villagers what had happened. They immediately went to the weapons' store and got lots of weapons. They all hurried back to the little cottage in the giant corn, but it had gone.

That is the end of chapter two.

The Beginning of the Story

Finally, I am going to do my Mozilla story. I'm not really sure about it yet, but I do like to do blog posts. I want to do another blog today. Anyway, on with the story...

Once upon a time, there was a firefox and a thunderbird. The firefox could launch fire at enemies and the thunderbird could make thunder appear. They were good friends and played a lot together. One day they were feeling adventurous, so they set out to the mountains. On the way, on the path through the corn fields (of giant corn), they came upon a house that they had never seen before. They knocked on the door and a kind old lady came out. She invited them inside and gave them some blueberry pudding with cream. The thunderbird complained about his seat because he was used to a nest. Suddenly, after finishing it, they felt very tired. They lay down to rest in the bed which had been already prepared behind them.

When they woke up, it was night and they knew they could not travel on. Suddenly, a witch appeared! The witch looked like the kind old lady. The thunderbird and the firefox worked it out. The kind old lady was the witch in disguise!

That is the end of chapter one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mozilla and (Guinea) Pigs

Have you ever tried iGoogle before? But have you ever tried Google Chrome before?

Google Chrome is the new Google browser. Some people might know. Some people won't.

iGoogle is a customised Google. You can add themes and gadgets and some of the gadgets are games. On the other hand, there are some cool themes, but I like the rainbow one best. You just happen to stumble upon the best ones.

Now guinea pigs are just so cute. Actually, while I am writing this blog, I really want to hold one and actually, I will. I often tell guinea pigs, 'you're so sute,' instead of 'you're so cute.' On my computer there's this really nice picture of Karen. I've even got it as my icon, because I normally use XP, but sometimes I use Windows 98. Karen is the one I'm holding now and she's all brown and really silky. Brown in a good way, just brown coloured fur.

Now for the Mozilla bit. I've been thinking to make up a story and Mozilla gave me an idea for the two main characters. Guess what they could be; the Thunderbird and the Firefox, of course. Firefox is a web browser and Thunderbird is an email program, although most people may already know that. I can't think up the whole story yet, but maybe I'll do it in a blog to come. I might do it in another blog today, it's just that this blog is getting too full for writing.

Another bit about that picture of Karen. It's a picture of her lying down with her belly facing up and she's lying on my nice black winter jarmie suit.

That's the end of the blog for now.